Growing Wild FM – talking on the radio about maps.

If you live in Brighton, you’ll know that appearing on Radio Reverb is a total rite of passage and my own time came a few weeks ago when I was interviewed about maps by Charlotte Petts for her award winning show Growing Wild FM.

It was a slightly nerve-wracking experience, especially as I’d just come back from holiday and had to get my head very quickly in gear to talk coherently about maps.  The last time I was interviewed for radio (a local BBC radio station, I think), I was so nervous that all my words came out in the wrong order…

Anyhow Charlotte made me feel very comfortable, allowing me to wax extensively about maps and map history for a full 40 minutes in my front room and negotiating my cat in the background at the same time. Luckily the extensive waxing was edited down, the words (mostly) came out in the right order and despite saying the word ‘fascinating’ way more than necessary, here is the result.  Have a listen – it’s a really interesting programme including interviews with several inspirational map makers, all female, whose take on maps is very similar to my own.


An Interview for Illustrator Saturday.

8A15FDE2-DCED-450D-AFFF-133795A0EEDFI was recently honoured to be interviewed by Kathy Teaman for Illustrator Saturday, a weekly post she promotes on her wordpress site  Kathy was a regional advisor for SCBWI, the Society of Childrens’ Book Writers and Illustrators in the U.S. for many years and her very popular blog exists to help both published and unpublished authors and illustrators, with expert industry knowledge, technical tips and information from children’s book editors and agents.

You can read the interview here.