Finding Good in Nature: Prayers Around the World.

I’m not a traditionally religious person but I do believe there’s a force for good. Perhaps I see it in the seedling bound with so much hope and promise springing from dark earth. Perhaps I find it in the kind touch of snowflake on cheek in an otherwise bleak world. Perhaps I find it in the warmth of sunshine and the sweetness of blackberries strengthening me before the storms build.

With that knowledge of the force for good, I have, in difficult situations – at times of stress, crisis and pain – found myself praying. It’s a comforting thing to do and somehow gives a little calm to hard times.

‘Prayers around the World’ is a small collection with an international flavour for children published by Lion Hudson this month. As for many people, it’s been a difficult few years since I created the original illustrations – life isn’t always easy, hey?! Many of my own prayers were sent skywards during this time…

I hope the prayers in this book will give some comfort wherever you are in the world.
In the Arctic find comfort knowing the wild swans fly across the Winter wastes and still survive.

In Asia find comfort in the beauty of cherry blossom that comes with certainty every year whatever hardships came before.

In Africa, find comfort in the shooting stars painting themselves above the plains with the knowledge that there is so much more to discover about the world.

In Europe find comfort in the tenacity of bluebells as they flourish even in the poor soil of the green hills.

Although I would have hoped for an easier entrance, I want to celebrate the arrival of ‘Prayers around the World’. I wish it a good life. Seeds have been collected from it’s branches, sown in the garden and new plants are beginning to grow so, rest well, there is joyful hope for the future.

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