Midwinter wishes

birdpinetreeHCann72 - Copy
The Midwinter Solstice is stumbling towards us. The light is dimming on the year and this ending time gives me a chance to look back on what has happened in 2018. Although the outside world seems to be manically dancing in chaos, my own little world has definitely had a good year.

Highlights have included making a map of an American summer camp (for The Wing); a map of a campus arts and nature trail (for Mead Gallery at Warwick University); a map celebrating vintage film history in Brighton (for Carousel arts charity) and a map of Eastbourne and reasons to love it (for Towner Art Gallery).  My work has appeared in a Hollywood film (‘The Spy who Dumped me’) and as part of Warner Brother’s ‘Harry Potter’ franchise in ‘The Marauders’ Map Guide to Hogwarts’. I’ve very much enjoyed giving a variety of mapping workshops in galleries large and small from ONCA to Ditchling Arts + Craft Museum and to Towner again. Forthcoming work to be published or screened in 2019 include prop details for a major TV drama (produced by Badwolf for the BBC ) and for Turkish Airlines (a commercial by Ridley Scott, no less) and inclusion in a book for Thames & Hudson.

And now, it’s time to rest, time to wrap myself up in the candlelit darkness and wait to see what the new year brings, whatever that will be.  I sincerely wish for peace and success for all those small worlds that make up the outside world.  Perhaps then the chaotic dancing would stop.  But if it still continues,  I can only hope for further peace and success for my own little world in 2019.

And, of course,  I very much wish the same for your little world too….

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

birdpinetreeHCann72 - Copy


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